My Top 5 Must Haves For Travel

Every traveler has their own style, things they need and things they could live without. Throughout the years travelling I have more than once decided that the way I am doing things needs to change. Making travel easy and relaxing is always my main goal and through finding new products I have been able to do this. This list my top five all time favorite products I absolutely have to have while travelling.

My Number One, My Ride or Die Backpack

I know calling a backpack a ride or die might seem a bit overkill, but if there is one thing on this list that I would truly DIE without while traveling, it would be this backpack. This pack is not only fashionable with multiple color options for whatever fits your personal aesthetic, but also incredibly functional. It’s roomy with enough pockets to be able to separate your items. There is also enough room for books, snacks, phone chargers, headphones and anything else you may need. My favorite feature of this pack though is where it opens. The opening into the pack lays on your back. To access the pack you must take off the pack to open it, which means that you don't have to worry about pickpockets or anyone stealing anything from your bag. Now if you are worried about the comfort, don't be. I trekked 26.7 miles in one day in Petra, Jordan wearing this back full of souvenirs, snacks and water and did not once feel uncomfortable.

Passport Cover

This passport cover is my favorite for so many reasons. For me, having an option to store my ticket, my cards, any cash or travelers checks all in one area is a huge thing. When traveling there is already enough to keep track of without having to worry about where your most important documents are. Having them all in one place makes the trip that much easier.

Makeup/Toiletries Bag

This bag gives you all the room for everything you need. A personal pet peeve of mine is having a multitude of bags to hold all my necessities. This bag has a separate compartment for your makeup brushes which is also where I put my toothbrush, mascara and concealer. In the bottom opening there is a zipper pocket and then three compartments. Anything and everything you need to bring that would fall under the toiletry category can fit into this fashionable and functional bag.


As a traveler who uses their phone for a camera, making sure that it is charged is always a necessity. This battery pack is also a life saver at airports. No more hoping that you get a spot next to the plug in, no more having to stay in one spot or have someone save it. Having the ability to have your charger on the go is truly a game changer.

Travel Journal

Having a travel journal is something that a friend of mine recommended when I went on a month long trip to the Middle East and honestly I wish I would have thought of it sooner. At the end of the day while sitting in the hotel room it is a nice way to unwind and take in the events of the day. Travel journals are also an amazing way to document your memories so you can read them in the future.

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